4th IST-IME Meeting
Honoring the 60th birthdays of
Luís Magalhães and Carlos Rocha

September 3-7, 2012


Scientific Programme

  September 3 September 4 September 5 September 6 September 7
9:00 Reception        
    P. Duarte F. A. Tal A. de Carvalho J. Buescu
9:30 Opening        
  M. Ricou P. Piccione H. Oliveira G. Fusco C. G. Ragazzo
10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
  B. Fiedler L. Barreira M. Abreu P. Negrini J. Sotomayor
  J.-P. Dias M. Ramos J. Solá-Morales P. Salomão A. N. Carvalho
  Lunch Break Lunch Break   Lunch Break Lunch Break
  H. Rodrigues J. Matias Free S. Zanata T. Faria
  S. Oliva D. Gomes   A. Pinto R. Czaja
16:30       Coffee Break  
        J. Pinto  
18:30     Conference    

Social Programme

The Conference takes place in the Complexo Interdisciplinar of Instituto Superior Técnico. Its campus is located at a convenient distance from hotels, restaurants, and diverse cultural sites. It is also very well served by both bus and underground connections.

During the coffee breaks, refreshments will be served in the main floor outside the conference room.

Except for a conference dinner, on Wednesday the 5th, there are no organized meals. There are several cafeterias inside the campus, and several restaurants around it.

On Wednesday there will be a free afternoon. We have prepared an excursion to Cabo da Roca and Mafra with a visit to the Palácio / Convento de Mafra, with a special guided tour to this monument with the theme D. João V and the novel Memorial do Convento which takes place in this baroque building. The Conference Dinner will follow in the same day at IST (Salão Nobre).

To prepare in advance both the excursion and dinner please contact us if you need some information and tell us as soon as possible if you plan to participate in the excursion or dinner. The participants will have to purchase dinner tickets for themselves and companions at the reception desk. The deadline is Monday the 3rd at 5 pm.

A fee of 25 € will be charged for the dinner and of 20 € will be charged for the trip.

We wish you an enjoyable and scientifically rewarding time in Lisbon.